Domestic Abuse

Do you want to help people?

The Domestic Abuse Program is seeking additional volunteers to answer calls on a Community Crisis Line (406-265-2222). The calls will be in regard to domestic violence, sexual violence, and mental health. If you are interested in volunteering for this community support effort, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, MacKenzie Zubatch,  at 265-6743 ext. 1138.

Are you afraid of someone?

If you are in an abusive relationship, if you have been assaulted, or if you are being stalked, you may need a temporary order of protection. The following link to the Montana State Law Library has the necessary paperwork available.

If you have any questions about orders of protection please call 265-6743 and ask for an Advocate with the Domestic Abuse Program.

Do you need help learning to control your anger?

The Domestic Abuse Program facilitates violence intervention classes. These classes are designed for people who have been convicted of partner or family member assault, as well as people seeking education and intervention strategies for violence in their lives.

Outcomes & Objectives:

  • To become and remain a law-abiding citizen, especially relating to the use of violence
  • To increase understanding of cues and triggers that can lead to violent and controlling behavior
  • To increase the participant’s willingness to change their actions by examining the negative effects of their behavior on their relationships with others
  • To encourage participants to become accountable to those they have hurt by using violence and taking the necessary steps to change

If you are court-ordered to attend violence intervention, the cost is $200 for 40 hours or $10 per class. Volunteers may participate free of charge. All participants should call to schedule an appointment to enroll.

Women’s Violence Intervention: 265-6743 ext. 1139
Men’s Violence Intervention: 265-6743 ext. 1139

Do you need to go to a safe place?

There is shelter available for victims of violence who need emergency housing. This service is specifically for those fleeing abusive situations and their children. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information contact an advocate at 265-2222.


Our Mission

Empowering Victims to Live Violence Free