Energy Programs


Designed to conserve energy and cut down on the fuel costs of eligible applicants. Eligibility is based on a household’s total annual gross income. Applicants deemed eligible have their residences, whether owned or rented, audited by a Weatherization Program Auditor. The auditor recommends repairs and improvements that will reduce infiltration and heat loss. The program will then see that the appropriate materials are installed in the home by weatherization crew members. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Weatherization.

COUNTIES COVERED: Hill, Liberty & Blaine


**Tribal Weatherization**: Contact 406-265-6743 and ask for the Weatherization Department for an application or Download Weatherization applicationHouseholds must be current tribal LIEAP approved.

2020/2021 LIEAP/Weatherization Income & Resource Eligibility Guidelines

2021/2022 LIEAP income/resource guidelines

Number in HouseholdLIEAP Upper Income LimitWeatherization Upper Income LimitNon-Business Resources Limit


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The LIEAP heating season is October 1 - April 30.  Counties covered for our agency: Blaine, Hill, and Liberty. Reservations covered by our agency: NONE(Tribal LIHEAP contacts: Rocky Boy, 406-395-4728   Fort Belknap, 406-353-8499)

If you were on the program last year and have not moved you will receive a pre-printed application in the mail beginning October 1st. If you have moved, call our Energy Program and inform us of your new address. (Download an application for LIEAP here.)

All records and information provided by you or obtained through verification are confidential and are not available to the public. Reminder: If you applied last season and have not moved, the state will mail you a pre-printed application.

LIEAP (pronounced LEE-AP) was created to help low-income people pay for rising energy costs. Fuel assistance is federally funded. Program eligibility is determined by the household’s total annual gross income and total current liquid assets. (Applicant's household expenses are not considered in LIEAP eligibility determination). Assistance is available to both owners and renters, including renters whose heating costs are included in their rent. If you reside in a camper/RV where it is connected to an uninterrupted supply of electricity (generators and batteries are not considered an uninterruptable supply of electricity), and you are responsible for heating costs, you may be deemed eligible for LIEAP assistance.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information and income guidelines. 2021/2022 LIEAP Season is now open.


Low Income Home Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) 

A temporary emergency Low-Income home water Assistance program is available to provide low- income households assistance in paying their water and wastewater (sewer) bills. Funds will be sent directly to Public Water System (PWS) providers to be credited to income eligible household accounts to reduce past due balances, prevent shut offs, and reduce monthly rates. This program is slated to operate starting October 1st. DPHHS had developed a combined application with LIEAP which allows individuals to apply for both programs at the same time. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information and income guidelines. This program is now open

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Note: Regardless of household size, the household non-business RESOURCE limit may not exceed $23,767. RESOURCES include: Current 30 day bank statements for all checking & savings account(s); Certificate of Deposit; IRA; Tax Sheltered Annuities; 401(K); 403(B); cash value of stocks, bonds & other investments; Value of business assets, rental properties or property leases (Self-employed households must provide); Physical address(es) of property/real estate other than the home in which you live and its' adjoining land.

Energy Share

Is your household on the verge of having your heating disconnected? Need help with a deposit?  Energy Share of Montana was established by a group of concerned people representing utility companies and nonprofit agencies. They recognized the need to help people who do not necessarily quality for government programs but may still need a "hand up" at times. If you qualify for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) you are asked to apply for LIEAP first.

Energy Share is an interest-free loan issued no more than once every ten years and is not a yearly subsidy. Recipients are asked to repay their assistance back in most cases, which in turn helps others' facing similar energy emergencies. Energy Share is available for Hill, Blaine and Liberty county residents 12 months of the year. Please call, 406-265-6743 or 1-800-640-6743. Do not wait to be could be available. (Funds are available) (Download Energy Share application here.)

Hill County Electric Program

Hill County Electric Cooperative (HCE) contributes funds to assist low-income, LIEAP eligible, members in meeting their energy needs. This program normally begins early January of each year and continues until funding has been depleted. Households must be LIEAP approved to qualify for a benefit.(Funds are no longer available) (Download a Hill County Electric Program Application here)

Big Flat Electric Program

Big Flat Electric Cooperative (BFE) contributes funds to assist low-income, members in meeting their energy needs. This program normally begins early January and continues until funding has been depleted. Completed applications are processed first come, first served. This year we can not set up a day to come out to you so applications are available at the Senior Centers and the John Capture Center. Applications must be mailed or brought in to HRDC4 no faxed applications will be accepted. (Funds are no longer available)

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