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Housing Trust Fund Environmental Review Highland Manor, Havre, MT


Highland Manor Pre-Rehabilitation Environmental Report
Appendix A Historical Preservation
Appendix B Farmlands
Appendix C Airport Zones
Appendix D Coastal Barrier
Appendix E Coastal Zone Management
Appendix F Floodplains
Appendix G Wetlands
Appendix H Explosives & Hazards
Appendix I Contamination
Appendix J Noise
Appendix K Endangered Species
Appendix L Wild and Scenic Rivers
Appendix M Safe Drinking Water
Appendix N Sole Source Aquifer
Appendix O Sage Grouse
Appendix P Capital Needs Assessment


Job Application

This application needs to be filled out in it's entirety. All incomplete applications will not be rated for an interview. Include a cover letter and a current resume when submitting application. At time of an opening there will be a link added for the specific job description which will also need to be signed and submitted with the completed application. Background checks and references will be checked before applicant will be offered employment.

Volunteer Application

This application can be used for all programs at HRDC. Please fill it out completely and return the Agency.

Background Check

Please fill out release for background check. List all names used and have document notarized. Add this form to completed applications.

Community Phone Listing

Listing of contact information for local resources available throughout the community.


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