Frequently Asked Questions

Employment and Training

Can you help me find a job?

Career counseling and exploration are available to anyone. This will help you determine what jobs you are best suited for, help you complete job applications and resumes, and assist you in finding job openings.

Can you pay for my college classes, CNA classes, or other training?

There are some programs available to help with limited training needs. These programs have eligibility requirements and are available to youth 14-21 and adults over 18. The enrollment process can take a few weeks to complete and help may not be available on short notice. Please call 265-6743 x 1103 or email e&[email protected].

How do I get my High School Equivalency Diploma (Formerly GED)?

The test to earn your HSE is now the HiSET. You must register online at or call 1-855-694-4738. Costs are $50 for all five tests or $15 for each subtest which must be paid online or on the phone. There are also test center fees that are due on the day you take your test. These are $15 for all 5 tests, $2 for an individual test, or $6 for a retest.

Energy Program

Are other programs available if I don’t qualify for LIEAP and Weatherization?

Yes. District 4 HRDC also administers the Energy Share of Montana program, which is an emergency fund available to anyone facing an energy crisis regardless of his or her level of income. Energy Share is an interest-free loan program. Please call our office for more information on how to apply for these funds at 1-800-640-6743 or 406-265-6743. (Download Energy Share Application)


Are Student Loans, Pell Grants, scholarships, Green Thumb Wages and Summer Youth Wages counted as income?

No, they are not counted as part of the total annual income. However, you are required to list them, as it helps us to see how you are meeting your living expenses.

Can I apply for Fuel Assistance even if my heat and utilities are included in my rent?

Yes, subsidized rent households responsible for your heating obligation are eligible for LIEAP. Certain restrictions may effect benefit issuance.

Publicly subsidized households whose energy costs are included in rent or who have an obligation to pay a base load electric bill and meet the income guidelines would be eligible for a modified LIEAP benefit. The modified LIEAP benefit would be paid at the rate of 5% of the amount of a regular LIEAP benefit as identified by Montana's LIEAP benefit award matrix. A minimum payment of $25 or 5% whichever is greater would be paid to the household annually. Eligibility would receive an annual benefit for a period of five (5) years if economic and housing situation does not change.


How long does it take for my application to be processed?

It can take up to 45 days from the day we receive your completed application, with all required information, to complete the processing. It depends on how many applications there are at the time you apply. You may contact our office when it has been over 45 days if you have not received any information on your case. Please do NOT call our offices for the "Status of your application." You'll receive a notice in the mail if you are missing information, or when your case has been decided.
NOTE: All records, documents and information submitted by you or obtained through verification by our office are held in strict confidence and never made available to the public.

How often will I receive an Energy Assistance benefit?

The benefit (does not need to be payed back) is a lump-sum payment provided once per program year. A benefit is NOT provided every month. In most cases, the benefit is paid directly to your fuel provider.

How will I be notified of my eligibility?

Once this office has processed your application, we will enter your case onto the state LIEAP computer. You will receive a folded notice from the Department of Public Health and Human Services in Helena. In order to find out if you are eligible, you must tear off the sides at the perforations and fully unfold the notice. You will find information regarding your eligible/ineligible status, how much you are eligible for the one-time lump sum winter benefit, and requirements for Supplemental Assistance as well as instructions for what to do if you disagree with our decision.
Please do NOT call our offices for the "Status of your application." You'll receive a notice in the mail if you are missing information, or when your case has been decided.

I live in a camper/RV, am I eligible for heat assistance?

YES, your dwelling could be eligible for heat assistance if you qualify with these requirements:

  • LIEAP applicant must provide proof of heating responsibility for dwelling. For example, a letter of verification from a propane vendor.
  • Dwelling must be connected to an uninterrupted supply of electricty. (Generators and batteries are NOT considered an uninterruptable supply of electricity).
  • Attest dwelling furnace or main heat source is operating properly and has been installed according to manufacturer's specifications.
    • Documentation from an established RV repair facility the heating appliance appears to be installed and operating according to manufacturer's specifications OR
    • Applicant's attestation the heating appliance is being used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications
  • Applicant must provide written permission to remain at the location for the duration of the heating season, Oct 1 - Apr 30.
    • Rental agreement or signed statement from the landowner must be provided.
  • Attest the dwelling is suitable for living and is affixed to a verifiable physical address. (A post office box does NOT qualify as a physical address).
If I have applied for fuel assistance through a tribal organization, can I apply for the State Fuel Assistance Program?

If you live in the service area of and are eligible to be served by a tribal organization, you are NOT eligible to receive benefits under the State Energy Assistance Program. Even if those tribal organizations run out of funds, the State program does not serve those areas.

Eligibility for tribal programs is dependent in most cases on your enrollment status. In order to be served by the State program, you must provide us with proof  you are ineligible for tribal programs. "Proof" refers to a signed document from the enrollment office of the reservation where you live stating the head of household and his or her spouse/significant other (if applicable) do not meet the enrollment requirements.

  • Rocky Boy Tribal LIEAP: (Senior Center) Phone: 395-4728 Fax: 395-4503
  • Ft. Belknap Tribal LIEAP: (Senior Center) Phone: 353-8499 or 353-8417 Fax 353-4361
Is a separate application for Weatherization or Tribal Weatherization required?

STATE LIEAP: No. The same application is used for both State LIEAP and State Weatherization. We will use the same documentation provided with the LIEAP application. If you are eligible for LIEAP, you are also eligible for Weatherization, provided your house has not been previously weatherized within the past ten years. If your household exceeds the LIEAP income guideline, you may be eligible for "Weatherization Only", see the income guideline below.

TRIBAL WEATHERIZATION: Yes. Tribal weatherization is operated through our agency. There is a separate application each household must complete. Households must be current tribal LIEAP approved. You may obtain an application at your tribal LIEAP office, download tribal Weatherization application here, or call us at 1-800-640-6743 ext 1121 and we will mail you one. (The income guideline below does not pertain to tribal eligibility)

  • Rocky Boy: (Senior Center) Phone: 395-4728 Fax: 395-4503
  • Ft. Belknap: (Senior Center) Phone: 353-8499 or 353-8417 Fax 353-4361

Income Guidelines Energy Programs for 2023/2024

Income Limit
Weatherization Gross
Income Limit
Non-business Resource Limit
What are the income and resource guidelines for fuel assistance and weatherization?

The table below lists the  Income & Resource Guidelines (HH) Family Size:

INCOME includes: gross income from wages/tips; Social Security benefits; VA income; child support; TANF (Includes Tribal); General Assistance (Includes Tribal); Unemployment; Sect 8 Utility Payments; Odd job wages; Self Employment; All pensions/retirement income; IIM over $2,000; Property Income; Alimony Payments; Worker's Comp; Gifts (Money) over $50.

RESOURCES includes: Current bank statements showing 30 day transactions for all checking & savings account(s); Certificate of Deposit; IRA; Tax Sheltered Annuities; 401(K); 403(B); cash value of stocks, bonds & other investments; Value of business assets, rental properties or property leases (Self-employed households must provide); Physical address(es) of property/real estate other than the home in which you live and its' adjoining land.

Income Guidelines Energy Programs for 2023/2024

Income Limit
Weatherization Gross
Income Limit
Non-business Resource Limit


What determines how much of a grant I will receive?

The lump sum benefit is based on the following information:

  • Income for the last 12 months immediately prior to the date of application.
  • The number of persons in your household.
  • The main type of fuel for your home.
  • The type of home you live in.
  • Whether or not your rent is subsidized (payment based on your income through HUD, Section 8, etc.)
  • The number of bedrooms in your dwelling.
What documents must I submit with my application?

The following documents are required for all applications to be considered complete. Only original, signed applications will be accepted. We cannot accept faxed applications:

Most current heating bill: We need the first page, top portion of NWE. Propane applicants, you must supply a letter from your vendor stating they will accept you as a LIEAP customer for the heating season. We also require your most recent propane receipt.

Gross Income (before taxes) of all members of the household within the 6 months prior to the month of application: Regardless of age or relationship, all household members must supply income verification. If income is from "unearned" payments it is your responsibility to provide current award letters for Social Security benefits; pensions; Veteran Affair payments; child support (including non-court ordered CS); TANF & Tribal TANF; General Assistance; Unemployment; Sect 8 Utility Payments; College Financial Aid & Loans; Worker's Comp; Alimony Payments; Odd Job Income; Monetary Gifts over $50 (Note: We cannot accept bank statements as income verification)

Self-Employed Applicants: Must provide actual income and expenses for EACH of the prior 6 months. We cannot accept tax records, unless LIEAP is applied for during the month of January.

Social Security Cards: Copies of ALL household members social security cards. A tribal ID card may be used if the number is shown.

Picture ID: Everyone 18 and older MUST provide a valid picture ID. Acceptable forms of picture ID may include; State issued ID/Driver License; photo bank card; school ID, tribal ID

Birth Certificates OR Picture ID for all household members 0-17 years old.

CURRENT bank statements for ALL household members checking & savings accounts, CD's, Stocks, Bonds, IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement: Even if the balance is "zero", we still require account verification.

Verification of equity value of real property & land which is not the family home: If you own other property besides the home you live in now, you must supply value of properties

Out-of-pocket Health Insurance Premium(s) paid by a member of the household for a household member(s): 6 month verification of premiums paid are now excluded as income. Acceptable forms of paid verification include: Pay stubs; Health Insurance award letters; Social Security Award Letters, Bank Statements.  Premiums for the following may be submitted: Health Insurance; Dental; Vision: Pharmaceuticals; Medicare Supplemental; Cancer Care; Catastrophic Coverage; Nursing Home Only; Hospital Only; Medicare


What if I move? Will my benefits follow me to my new place?

NO!  Your benefit does not transfer to your new address. You must notify our office of your change of address within 10 days. There is a short version of the application that needs to be filled out and a copy of your new "OPENING BILL" must accompany the new application.

What if I pay the power bill for my home but the bill isn’t in my name?

You can still receive fuel assistance. However, there is an additional form that the holder of the account must fill out and you can be compensated up to the amount of your benefit with a receipt showing the amount paid on that account. Please be sure to mention this fact when you apply.

What if something goes wrong with my furnace?

If you are having a heating system emergency contact the Energy Program staff at 406-265-6743.

Energy Share funds are an interest-free loan based program. Funds are limited and based on emergency need up to $3,500.00.

Continuing Revolving Fund (CRF) funds are available to households who qualify for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP).

What is the Weatherization Program?

The Weatherization Program assists homeowners and renters in making their homes more energy efficient. The ultimate goal is to lessen the amount of energy needed to heat a home and in turn, lower the heating bill. The counties covered by our program are Hill, Liberty and Blaine.

All homes in this area are prioritized by their energy consumption. This is how we decide who gets weatherized first. In some cases, it may take two to three heating seasons for your home to make it to the top of the list. You MUST reapply every year in October to remain on the priority list. Weatherization services are in great demand and the budget is limited, we are only able to do a few houses each year. We try to do as many as we can, but it is impossible for us to get to everyone who requests it every year. We will notify you if your home is at the top of our priority list. When you hear from us, you need to call us right away to set up an appointment.

When can I apply for Energy Heat Assistance?

The Energy Assistance Program runs from October 1 through April 30. Applications will be available October 1st. You may apply at any time during Oct 1 - Apr 30th. If you were on the program last year, you will receive a preprinted application in the mail, if you have not moved. As soon as you receive it, you can apply. If you have moved since your last application was submitted, you must call 1-800-640-6743, come to the office, or download an application.


Northern Montana Child Development

Do you provide transportation?

Yes or no depending on the program and option your child is enrolled in. We provide transportation for Head Start center based option for children living within the Havre City limits. We do not provide transportation to Early Head Start, Head Start combination or home base. We may provide transportation for families to attend classroom meetings, policy council, medical appointments or similar events, if other arrangements cannot be made.

How do I get my child into Head Start or Early Head Start?

You need to fill out an application and then contact Deanna to schedule an in-take.  You will need to bring certain documentation to the in-take.  The documentation is listed on the application and includes proof of income, Immunizations and a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

If I am enrolled in the prenatal program, will my baby be automatically enrolled in EHS when he is born?

Yes, the baby will automatically be enrolled in Early Head Start. It may be home base option or center based option depending on where there is an opening and what your needs are. Your needs will be discussed with you prior to the baby’s birth. To be enrolled in the center based option you must have a need for child care for at least 20 hours per week. If you do not have a need for child care and/or there is not a spot available in the center based option then your baby will be enrolled in the Home Based option.

If my child is enrolled in Early Head Start will he be eligible for Head Start?

The Early Head Start teachers will begin the transition process with you starting six months prior to your child’s third birthday. The discussions include options for you once your child turns three. If you want your child to go to Head Start you will need apply and have an intake interview to determine eligibility, just as you did for Early Head Start.

My child has a disability, how can you help her?

We work closely with Havre Public Schools and Quality Life Concepts to provide services to children with disabilities. Children with a suspected disability will be referred to HPS or QLC for services in addition to Head Start or Early Head Start. We provided screenings and assessment and along with parents input make an Individual Child Development Plan that states goals for your child. Our teachers receive training about the disability and work with parents to learn about the child’s strengths and needs.

What are the eligibility requirements for Head Start and Early Head Start?

The requirements to be eligible for Head Start and Early Head Start are age of the child and income. To be income eligible families must be at or below 100% of poverty. To be age eligible for Head Start a child must be at least three and less than five years of age by September 10. To be age eligible for Early Head Start the child must be less than three years of age at the time of enrollment. NMCDC also accepts children and families who are considered over 100% of poverty after all efforts to enroll income eligible children have been exhausted.

Click here to learn more.

What if my income changes once my child is enrolled?

After your child has been enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start income will not be re-verified for the duration of that program unless it has dropped significantly to change the level of poverty of your family. Income is determined when children transition for EHS to HS or if a child has dropped from the program during the year and returns the next year.

What is in-kind or non-federal Share?

Head Start is required to meet a non-federal share match of 25% of the grant. The in-kind amount we need to match is over $400,000 each year. The match is accomplished by volunteers, donations of supplies and material, monetary donations, etc. Parents will be asked to volunteer in many ways, such as helping in the classroom, riding the bus, helping in the kitchen, helping on field trips, volunteering to be on Policy Council and various committees, attending classroom meeting nights, etc. A major portion of our in-kind is generated through at-home in-kind by working with your child on the goals that you have established along with the teacher.

Why do I need to do a home visit?

The home visit is a chance for staff and you and your child to get to know each other in an environment that is more familiar and comfortable to the child. We are not coming in to check out your home or to judge you in any way, it is merely a chance to meet and get to know each other in your home.

Victim Services

Can you help me fill out a parenting plan?

We don’t offer this service but you can go to the Self-Help Law Program at the courthouse and there is also a website:

Do you know what is going on with my abuser’s case?

Yes, we follow cases through the court system until they are resolved and are able to provide updates.

Do you work with children who are victims of sexual assault?


Does your program do supervised visitations?

Yes, both the custodial and non-custodial parent will have to call and set up an appointment to do an intake with an advocate. The non-custodial parent will be charged $25 per visit.

How do I know if I’m being stalked?

Any unwanted obsessive attention or contact from another individual is considered stalking. Some stalking behaviors include intimidation and harassment.

I have an Order of Protection and he/she texted/messaged me. Do I call the police and report this?

Yes, that is a violation of the Order of Protection. When you report it you will need to take your phone and show the police the text or message.

I think I’m being abused – how do I know if I am?

Abuse can be emotional, psychological, or physical. If you think you’re being mistreated, you should seek support.

If I get an Order of Protection in Havre is it still good on the reservation?

Yes, an Order of Protection is good anywhere in the United States.

Is there someone I can call and just talk to after 5:00pm and on weekends?

Yes - a volunteer or advocate can be reached on the crisis line twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

What do I do if I’m being stalked?

Report it to the police immediately. You should keep detailed notes on each incident – when, where, and which officer you reported it to. Stalking logs are available if requested. You may also come to HRDC and talk to an advocate about getting an Order of Protection.

What if I have questions about other programs and agencies?

We offer referrals and will give any information that we have on other programs.