Parent Information

Parent Rights and Responsibilities


  1. To take part in major policy decisions affecting planning and operation of the program.
  2. To help develop adult programs which will improve daily living for my family and me.
  3. To be welcomed in the classroom
  4. Upon request, be informed regularly about my child's progress in the program.
  5. To always be treated with respect and dignity.
  6. To expect guidance for my child from Northern Montana Child Development Center teachers, educators, and staff, which will help his/her total individual development.
  7. To be able to learn about the operation of the program, including the budget and level of education and experience required to fill various staff positions.
  8. To take part in planning and carrying out programs designed to increase my skill in areas of possible employment.
  9. To be informed about all community resources concerned with health, education, and the improvement of family life.


  1. To learn as much as possible about the program and to take part in major policy decisions.
  2. To accept Northern Montana Child Development Center as an opportunity through which I can improve my life and my children's lives.
  3. To take part in the classroom as an observer, a volunteer worker, or a paid employee, and to contribute my services in whatever way I can toward enrichment of the total program and to make a written commitment as such.
  4. To provide parent leadership by taking part in elections, to explain the program to other parents, and encourage their full participation.
  5. To welcome teachers and staff into my home to discuss ways in which parents can help their children's development at home in relation to school experience.
  6. To work with the teacher, educator, staff and other parents in a cooperative way.
  7. To guide my children with firmness, which is both loving and protective.
  8. To offer constructive criticism of the program, to defend it against unfair criticism, and to share in evaluating it.
  9. To take advantage of programs designed to increase my knowledge about child development and my skills in areas of possible employment.
  10. To become involved in community programs which help to improve health, education, and recreation for all.


  1. Immunization:  You must bring in current immunization, physical and dental examination records prior to enrollment in the program.
  2. Birth Certificates:  You must provide us with a copy of this record.
  3. Appointments:  You must take your child to all medical, dental, mental health, and speech appointments.
  4. Outdoor Policy:  All children will go outdoors every day for gross motor activities. If your child is too sick to be outside - please keep him/her home.
  5. Dress:   Please be sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather.
  6. Parent Training and Family Nights - will be held once a month throughout the school year. It is very important that you attend these for the benefit of your child and yourself. If elected to the Parent Policy Council, it is vitally important for you to attend these.
  7. Absences:  Should be called in at least 1 hour before the scheduled start of child's class and no later than 9:30 a.m. First unexcused or pattern of absences, teacher will make contact with you. Second unexcused or pattern of absences, teacher will make contact with you and notify the Family Support Focus Area. Third unexcused or pattern of absences, teacher will notify Family Involvement Component who will set up a home visit. Fourth unexcused or pattern of absences may result in the child being dropped from the program.
  8. Bus Rules (Preschool only):
    1. Pick-up
      1. If a child is ill, he/she shall remain at home. If the child becomes ill on the bus, the child will be returned home.
      2. The bus will pick each child up at their pre-arranged location. The child must be ready to go. The aide is not responsible for getting children ready. The bus will honk their horn upon arrival at the location and will wait only two minutes for children. No one will come to the door to get the child.
      3. There will be not late pick-ups by staff if a child misses the bus. If no phone, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to meet the bus and inform the bus driver/aide if/why the child is not going to be in school.
      4. If you will be dropping your child off before class, you must walk your child to the classroom. Due to teacher preparation time, children are not to arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before class time.
    2. Drop-off
      1. Your child will be released to an authorized person (12 years old or older) only after making their presence known to the bus driver/aide. An authorized person is only those who the parent/guardian has authorized in writing at our office. This authorization must be given ahead of time and cannot be done over the phone.
      2. Only one attempt will be made to drop off the child after class. We can not make another attempt. The bus assistant will call the Head Start secretary and report that an authorized adult is not available to receive the child and the child will be returned to the Lincoln Avenue Center at the end of the bus run. The Head Start secretary will begin to contact individuals found on the authorized list. If someone is willing to accept responsibility for the child and will pick up the child, the child will be released to that person. If no one will pick up or take responsibility for the child, the secretary will contact Department of Family Services (DFS) at 265-1233 and inform them that the Family Advocate for the child will be transporting the child to them per Head Start policy. If the bus assistant from the child's bus is available, then they will accompany the Family Advocate to Department of Family Services. If neither of these staff members is available, the Head Start secretary will arrange for two other staff members to transport the child to Department of Family Services. At no time will only one staff member transport the child. The parent/guardian will be responsible for picking their child up at Department of Family Services.
      3. If you will be picking your child up from the classroom, for whatever reason, you must check in with the appropriate office for your child's location. At the Lincoln Center you must check in at the secretary's office and receive a release authorization slip to present to the teacher.
  9. Smoking Policy:  It is the policy of Northern Montana Child Development Center to provide a tobacco-free environment for staff, children, parents, volunteers, and participants of the program. There will be no smoking and/or use of tobacco products by anyone at any Northern Montana Child Development Center campus, in any facility or vehicle, while in attendance at off-site activities and functions, or in the presence of children at both indoor and outdoor activities by staff, parents, or volunteers.


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