Service Area and Options

Northern Montana Child Development Center serves Hill, Blaine, and Liberty Counties. 

Preschool Center-Based Option

With this option, the children ages 3-5 attend class 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) for 4 hours a day. Breakfast and lunch or lunch and a snack are provided to the children. There are currently three preschool classrooms located at 1360 Lincoln Avenue in Havre, one preschool classroom located at 1345 Wilson Avenue, one preschool classroom located at 1254 10th Street W, and two preschool classrooms located at the HRDC Community Center (2229 5th Ave).

Infant/Toddler Center

The Infant/Toddler Child Care Center is available to families with a need for child care for at least 20 hours per week because of work, school, or WoRC program requirements. The center is open from 7:30 am-5:30 pm  Monday-Thursday. the center is closed for state holidays.  There are four classrooms with a total of 30 slots available in the center for children ages birth to 3 years.

Home Based Option

The home-based option is designed especially for rural families and families without a need for child care. Families in this option receive one 1-1/2 hour home visit each week. The purpose of the home visit is to use the home as the child’s primary learning environment and the parents as the child’s first teachers. The home visitor provides information on child development as well as family support and referrals to community resources. Families and home visitors meet two times a month for two hours (Infant/Toddler) for socialization activities.

Prenatal Option

The prenatal option is designed for expectant families and is tailored to the families’ needs. Families receive a minimum of one home visit a month from aEarly Head Start Home-Based Educator who provides information on pregnancy and fetal development as well as family support and referrals to community resources. Once the child is born, he or she is placed in the appropriate Early Head Start option based on availability. Expectant families are also invited to attend socialization activities.

Health, Mental Health, and Nutrition Services

It is our goal at Northern Montana Child Development Center, to ensure each child receives comprehensive health services that address the services of vision, hearing, nutrition, behavioral, and oral health as well as their medical needs.  This process is achieved through referrals, support, and guidance to parents who are the first to respond to their children's health and developmental needs.  Children require a "medical home".  A "medical home" means access to a health provider that can meet their primary care needs, make referrals to other professionals, and support parents.  Parents are assisted in obtaining follow-up treatment as necessary.  Northern Montana Child Development Center encourages routine dental care at an early age and aids parents in finding the care that they need.  Health care for young children needs to be both affordable and accessible to ensure each child's optimal health development