Section 8 Rental Assistance

The Section 8 Existing Housing Programs are federally funded rental assistance programs which allow income eligible families to go out into the private rental market to find housing.

The Section 8 Existing Rental Assistance Program consist of two programs known as Vouchers and Mod Rehabs.


  • There are no rental limitations as long as the rent is reasonable and the unit must fit the size of the family.
  • A family Self-Sufficiency component is available to participants who plan on financial independence from all public assistance. Case management is provided to assist the family in coordination of locally provided service to work toward independence.

Mod Rehabs

Mod Rehabs is a subsidy that is attached to a house or apartment. Tenants are selected by the landlord. There are 9 units available in our area.

The above programs are administered by the Housing Assistance Bureau under the Montana Department of Commerce.
To apply for Section 8, you can come in to HRDC or complete the online application.